Living Beyond Limitations

Wispact, Inc. was created in 2003 as a nonprofit organization to create and manage pooled and community Special Needs Trusts for the benefit of individuals with disabilities. It originated from a collaborative effort among ARC Wisconsin, NAMI Wisconsin, Inc., the Wisconsin State Bar- Elder Law Section and the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Association. Wispact currently serves more than 4,500 beneficiaries throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Mission Statement

We enhance the well-being of people of all ages with disabilities across Wisconsin through the management of special needs trusts by promoting more choice and opportunities.

Wispact Values

  • Accountability – We are committed to delivering the highest quality beneficiary experience and ensure this is reflected in everything we do.
  • Advocacy – Wispact ensures the well-being of our beneficiaries by providing information and resources to ensure their needs and rights are represented.
  • Collaboration – Wispact believes that the pursuit of its mission and vision is a shared responsibility between all our stakeholders, including beneficiaries, board, staff, and strategic partners.
  • Compassion – Wispact fosters compassion, kindness, and empathy among our clients, advisors, staff, business partners, and within our community,
  • Inclusion – Wispact promotes equal access to services for all persons with disabilities. We value open and inclusive discussions, and diverse perspectives from employees, clients, business partners, and others.
  • Innovation – Wispact designs solutions for the many challenges faced and presented by its beneficiaries to affirm our position as an industry leader.
  • Integrity – Wispact is committed to providing professional, ethical, and trustworthy services to our beneficiaries and their families.


Wispact Newsletters/Annual Reports