Wispact Newsletter Spring 2022

Tax Documents to be Mailed Mid-March – Beneficiaries Should Get Tax Documents Within 3-5 Days 

Tax documents should be mailed in mid-March (around March 15) by Wispact’s Trustee and Recordkeeping partners – Capital First Trust Company and True Link Financial, Inc.
If you do not get tax documents within the next 3-5 days – please contact your beneficiary specialist. For a listing of staff contacts and beneficiary assignments, see https://www.wispact.org/staff/

Also, please review what tax documents we provide by reading “Overview of 2021 Taxes

Wispact Sets Strategic Plan for Next 3-5 Years

Every three years, Wispact undertakes a Strategic Planning Process to organize strategic goals for the next 3-5 years. This 6-month development process entails a review our past Strategic Plan  to determine which goals were accomplished; gathering input/feedback from beneficiaries, advisors, creating attorneys, our Board of Directors and staff via surveys and focus groups; and outlining our goals with a planning consultant.

Wispact has outlined six tactical areas, which will assist the organization to grow its positive impact for individuals with disabilities residing here in Wisconsin. The defined areas of strategic concentration include:

  • Philanthropy – growth and expansion of its philanthropic arm, the Wispact Foundation;
  • Community – ensuring that Wispact’s messaging is effectively reaching all regions and communities of Wisconsin;
  • Advocacy – increasing our strategic partnerships for organizations providing advocacy for adequate/improved support services for individuals with disabilities;
  • IT Infrastructure – improving our client services and Trust administration; and
  • Equity – fostering engagements across all representative communities.In the coming year, Wispact will monitor our progress with surveys of our clients and track our internal metrics on performance.

Amy Voss-Beneficiary Specialist

Wispact has added another Beneficiary Specialist to ensure we meet the needs of our beneficiaries. Amy Voss has extensive experience in many different financial areas, the last being in Corporate Guardianship of Estate. When she is not working, she is spending her time with all three of her children, husband and all their busy activities. Amy looks forward to continuing to work with people with disabilities and their families. Amy can be reached at 608-268-6006 Ext. 217 or at avoss@wispact.org.

Contacting Wispact Staff

We realize how important our distributions are to you. Please be aware we can process distributions submitted via email and fax much more efficiently than those submitted via mail.
For a list of Beneficiary Specialists and staff, see https://www.wispact.org/staff/

We improve the lives of people of all ages with disabilities across Wisconsin through the management of special needs trusts to provide more choices, more opportunities, and a better quality of life.

If you have questions about your trust account, please contact your Beneficiary Specialist. For information about establishing a new trust account or general information about Wispact, contact our Director of Outreach, James Giese.

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Wispact, Inc. is not a registered investment adviser, registered stock broker or broker-dealer and does not offer investment advisory services, programs or products. Any investment questions should be directed to qualified licensed professional financial advisers.