Trust Manager

Wispact Inc. is a private nonprofit organization that administers pooled and community Special Needs Trusts for people with disabilities. Based in Madison, Wispact manages the Special Needs Trusts for more than 3,000 people throughout the state of Wisconsin.

In addition to helping create the trust, Wispact provides many on-going services for the Beneficiary that include:

  • Approving and forwarding the Requests For Distribution (RFDs) for payment
  • Ensuring that the funds spent meet the public benefits rules
  • Expediting emergency distributions
  • Assisting in bill payment options for recurring bills
  • Providing current account information (balances, payments, etc.)
  • Referring Beneficiaries to government services
  • Discussing options with the beneficiary and/or advisor on how funds can best be used to protect benefits

The Wispact team comes from a diverse background consisting of beneficiary specialists (who manage Trust distributions), attorneys and others who have worked in the nonprofit and human service industries. This range of experience brings a wealth of knowledge to our Beneficiaries and advisors. Our staff is well informed about a variety of disability-related topics such as Medicaid (aka Medical Assistance, MA, Title 19), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), trusts, and physical, cognitive and mental disabilities.




Chemical Bank, a division of TCF National Bank, serves as Trustee of the Wispact Pooled Special Needs Trusts.  It is a professional fiduciary whose role is to    administer the assets of the Trust on behalf of the beneficiary according to the express terms of the Trust. The primary services that Chemical Bank provides are the investment management of the Trust assets, the preparation of the Trust’s  annual tax documents, the issuance of quarterly Trust statements, and the processing of Wispact approved distributions.

Trustee Contact Information:
Candy Keysor-Oudman, Vice President and Personal Trust Officer
Chemical Bank, a division of TCF National Bank
720 Pleasant Street
Saint Joseph, MI  49085

Toll Free Line:  (800) 943-7386 press 9, press1, enter Ext. 53975
Direct Line:  (269-983-3791)

Wispact, Inc. is not a registered investment adviser, registered stock broker or broker-dealer and does not offer investment advisory services, programs or products. Any investment questions should be directed to qualified licensed professional financial advisers.

Wispact Inc.pooled and community trust account fund allocations and investments are made by Chemical Bank, a division of TCF National Bank.  Chemical Bank, a division of TCF National Bank, has retained SEI Investments Management Corporation to assist in managing the assets of the fund.  Wispact Inc. is not affiliated with Chemical Bank, a division of TCF National Bank, or SEI Investments Management Corporation.