Wispact is committed to ensuring the quality and service necessary to protect and manage our beneficiaries’ financial assets while fulfilling our mission.

Wispact Trust Fees may include:

Attorney Fees

One-time expense paid directly to your attorney. Wispact requires that beneficiaries engage with an attorney to understand how their trust works and to ensure that all Trust Creation documents are completed. Attorney fees can vary based on attorney rates and time spent reviewing the documents and answering a beneficiary’s questions. However, Wispact offers a Creation Fee Subsidy Program to assist with the creation of a trust.

Trust Management Fees

Trust management fees are based on a sliding scale determined by combined total investments in the Wispact Pooled Trust. By pooling trust funds, Wispact is able to attain rates lower than most individuals could attain by creating individual trusts. Wispact cannot anticipate future market volatility or make any guarantees; however, interest income may often exceed asset management fees. For details, see Wispact’s Fee Schedule.  (Updated 01/10/2023)

Application Fee

Wispact charges a one-time application fee to open a pooled trust sub-account. This fee covers document review and processing time spent working with the beneficiary and attorney to complete filing of the trust with state and other regulatory bodies. As with Attorney Fees, Wispact offers a Creation Fee Subsidy Program to assist with the application fee.


Wispact, Inc. is not a registered investment adviser, registered stock broker or broker-dealer and does not offer investment advisory services, programs or products. Any investment questions should be directed to qualified licensed professional financial advisers.

Wispact Inc.pooled and community special needs trust. Capital First Trust Company and True Link Financial provide our Trustee, accounting and investment services. Capital First and True Link share Wispact’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service and meeting the diverse financial needs of people with disabilities.