Although Wispact manages the Special Needs Trusts for more than 4,500 people throughout Wisconsin, our success is not about the numbers. Everyone served by Wispact has unique needs and a special story to tell. To add a voice to the people we serve, we’re sharing a recent interview with one of our beneficiaries, Brian.

“Me and my mom sat down with Lindsey Schilling [Wispact, Lead Beneficiary Specialist] and she told us what Wispact was all about and everything. I listened to her, but when people talk to me about insurance or whatever, sometimes it’s hard for me to digest. But, I would say they’ve steered me in the right direction. Lindsay is of the most competent people I ever met in my life. On a scale of 10. She’s a 15,” Brian said.

“Money can be very, very troublesome to think about and everything. I learned my lesson really, really quick about the value of a dollar when I took out two loans when I was younger. Wispact has been a blessing to have, it’s my money, but it’s a blessing. They’ve helped me out with financial burdens. I like the way that they took care of things,” Brian added.

Through Wispact’s pooled trust Brian is able to retain his modest savings while retaining his social security disability benefits.

His current expenses have included furniture and partial rent for his apartment. Shortly after he established his trust, Brian moved into a new apartment and needed furnishings. “And so me and Joy, my case manager, went to Slumberland and picked out some furniture pieces, because I had none. And so, I picked out a couch and a Lazy Boy and a queen size bed. I’ve never had a queen size bed my entire life and it’s super comfortable for sleeping on. I’m completely moved in now and loving every minute in my new apartment,” Brian said.

“I would strongly agree that, to me at least, Wispact’s been a very good company and I would recommend Wispact to anybody. I would say they’ve steered me in the right direction. They’ve helped me out with financial burdens in the past. In fact, I called her [Lindsey Schilling] back a couple times to just get her on the phone and say, “Thanks so much for everything you’re doing for me. You’re really, really helping me out, Lindsay,” Brian concluded.