Wispact is pleased to announce that we now offer multiple portfolio options to meet the various risk profiles of the trust. Wispact trust assets are invested in three portfolio models with differing risk/return profiles, which enables Wispact and its trustee, Capital First Trust Company, to assign sub-accounts to a portfolio that may more closely align to a beneficiary’s risk profile.

Wispact trust assets are invested in Conservative (20% equity / 80% fixed income), Conservative Growth (40% equity / 60% fixed income), and Moderate (60% equity / 40% fixed income) portfolio models, as detailed below. Sub-accounts with balances less than $3,000 are held in cash.

Investment Options



In determining which risk profile is suitable, factors such as sub-account value, the beneficiary’s age, anticipated spending needs, and expected future deposits may be evaluated. For example, a moderate portfolio may be better suited for individuals who are younger and have lower spending needs, whereas a conservative portfolio may be more suitable to someone who is older and has higher spending needs. Trust risk portfolios will be reassessed on an annual basis. Beneficiary sub-accounts are initially assigned to the Conservative portfolio for their first year and then may be re-assigned to a different risk portfolio once additional data is available.

When a beneficiary sub-account is moved to a different investment portfolio, the assets of the sub-account need to be transferred to that investment account.

During this time, there is a 3-day period during which the assets are in transition and the sub-account cannot make distributions on behalf of the beneficiary.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact

Kevin Hayde
Executive Director
Phone: 608-268-6006 Ext.201



Wispact, Inc. is not a registered investment adviser, registered stock broker or broker-dealer and does not offer investment advisory services, programs or products. Any investment questions should be directed to qualified licensed professional financial advisers.

1 True Link Financial Advisors, LLC is an SEC-registered investment advisor and wholly owned subsidiary of True Link Financial, Inc. True Link Financial Advisors, LLC provides investment advisory services to the Wispact Trusts. The Wispact Trust beneficiaries are not clients of True Link Financial Advisors, LLC and do not offer individualized advisory services to the Wispact trust beneficiaries.