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living beyond limitations

My Story



WisPACT Beneficiary Darwin used his WisPACT trust to help pay for trip to Hawaii. Pictured is Darwin on a beach in Hawaii as he enjoys a musical performance.

Darwin, Eric and Christa

Darwin used his WisPACT trust to enjoy a day at Medieval Times with his friends. Pictured is Darwin (left), his friend Eric (center), and girlfriend Christa (right).


WisPACT Beneficiary Helen needed to use a hot tub to help alleviate body pain she was experiencing. By using her trust, Helen was able to receive a new hot tub that she is more than thrilled to have. "Yeah! Two thumbs up. My tub helps my legs feel better and my back, too," Helen said.


Rick, a WisPACT Beneficiary: "Thank you for the special care and diligent effort. Plus, the ideas I received from Becky and Collin in planning and funding part of our 40th wedding anniversary trip were amazing. It all worked out great. Every time I need to process a distribution request, the service level has always been personal, quick and compassionate. Your responsiveness and passion to serve me and meet my needs has been a true blessing."